Privacy Policy and Cookie Statement and are operated and maintained by Gabriele Cirulli, @iirelu and @sigod. This website is hosted on servers operated by GitHub Inc. This document outlines the data handling practices for this website.

What personal data do you collect?

For analytics purposes, anonymous and aggregated data may be collected, using Google Analytics. Google AdSense, used on this website for advertsing purposes, may also collect similar data. This data includes:

AdSense is used to publish ads on this site. Users in the European Economic Area (EEA) are served non-personalized ads (NPA), which do not track users and are not based on the user's past behavior on this or other websites. The following data may be used in order to serve NPAs:

For all other users, personalized ads may be displayed. Personalized ads may use the following information:

For more information on how Google Analytics and Google AdSense use this data see:

Are cookies stored on my device? How are they used?

We use your browser's local storage features to locally store information about the game's state. This lets us save your game at any point and allow you to pick it back up from where you left off. This data is kept in your browser and never sent to servers operated by us or a third-party. No personally-identifiable information is included.

Other notices about services used by this website

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