HN Special

An extension for Hacker News

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HN Special is a Chrome extension that packs a completely new visual style for Hacker News and a few new features, such as:

  • Infinite scrolling
  • Open links in new tabs
  • More accurate domain names (includes subdomains)
  • Comment folding
  • Mark links as read (thanks to @taeram)
  • Sticky header (thanks to @obeattie)
  • Grey visited links (thanks to bjenik)
  • User information tooltips (thanks to sebmck)

You can choose which features you want enabled from the settings menu.

HN Special is open source, so anyone can add new features or tweaks. If you wish to, you can contribute on GitHub!

Install HN Special

This extension was created by @gabrielecirulli. Many thanks to @taeram, @obeattie, bjenik, sebmck and @messaged for the help and contributions.